GE Signa Echospeed LX 1.5T MRI

Highspeed Echospeed (23mt/120SR) gradient package with SGD Cabinets. c1.5T CXK-4 LCC Magnet. Octane LX CPU with 9.1 SW Rev. level. SW options include LX functools, LX Echoplus software option, Smart-step 2000, LX Tools, Scan-tools 2000, EPI, FGE, Cine, FSE, Flair, ToF, Phase contrast vascular imaging, DW-EPI, Flair EPI. Coils included: CTL Array, Torso Array, Quad Knee/Foot, GP Flex, and 3 round coil.

GE Signa Excite Echospeed Plus 1.5T MRI

The GE Echospeed Plus 1.5T is a widely-used high resolution, whole-body MRI scanner. The GE Echospeed Plus is also known for its excellent performance. It features a specially designed dockable table facilitating easy patient preparation and transportation outside of the study room.

GE Signa HDxt 1.5T MRI

The GE Signa HDxt 1.5T MRI is built on a high-definition platform that provides anatomically optimized imaging for enhanced contrast, reduced blurring, reduced artifacts, and smaller FOV prescriptions. The GE Signa HDxt 1.5 Tesla is gear completely for productivity. The system empowers you to more with consistent high quality imaging by overcoming fat sat failures, tissue characterization, and artifact reduction. The GE Signa HDxt 1.5T MRI also boasts reduced rescanning/ redundant exams due to patient or organ motion.

GE Signa HDxt 3.0T MRI

The GE Signa HDxt 3.0T is one of GE's latest and greatest innovations, offering four new clinical applications and the highest quality images possible. The GE Signa HDxt 3.0T MRI continues to be one of the most widely used MR magnets worldwide. The system utilizes a very user-friendly interface that minimizes training time, allowing your staff to get up and running right away. The Signa HDxt 3.0T MRI includes the following application capabilities: LAVA-Flex, eDWI, Inhance DeltaFlow non-contrast angiography, 3D ASL, and three new cardiac applications.


CXK4 LCC Magnet, 12.0 Software, Linux Computer, Echospeed Plus, 33mT/m Gradients, 120 Slew Rate, ACGD Gradient Amp, 8915 Gradients, BRM, SRFD Solid State RF. Software Options include: Fluoro-Triggered MRA, ACGD Plus, FIESTA 2D/3D, DW EPI, SPECIAL, SmartPrep, SSFSE, TOF, FGRE, iDrive Pro, Ultrashort TR, FuncTool, VoxTool, Clariview, BloodSupp Coils: 8Ch Head Array, 8Ch Neurovascular Array, 8Ch Body Array, Knee, Shoulder Array (Large/Small), Spine Array, GP Flex.