Refurbishing Process

Engineered from grade A Liquid Helium, Super-conductive 1.5T MRI products are highly demanded in the market for being reliable and functionally efficient.

Being the leader of the Third Party Refurbisher, our engineers restore used MRI equipment through repairing, reworking, updating and replacing of worn parts with original parts. All this is done to enhance the safety and effectiveness of the equipment. Our engineers also ensure that processes are consistent with product specifications and service procedures defined by the original manufacturer of the equipment. These actions ensure that the machines perform with the same quality standards as their new counterparts.

STEP 1: Selection
We carefully select only the very best, mid-life equipment for refurbishing. Our International Channel partner EverX takes the lead in this process. We avoid equipment that has experienced high usage or has been poorly maintained. That is the very reason; we only install Imported MRI machines for Indian Clients.
STEP 2: Mechanical Installation
Our installation team does extensive refurbishing and re-assembles all mechanical, electrical, and computer systems. Each system is subjected to a comprehensive refurbishing and reassembling procedures, including:
  • Dismantle all major components
  • Inspect all mechanical systems
  • Replace cooling fans
  • Replace bearings
  • Replace worn table cables
  • Reassembling of all systems
STEP 3: Electrical Installation
Our experienced engineers completely refurbish the system, insuring compliance with OEM equipment specifications.
  • Complete electrical inspection/re-assembly
  • Replace all worn high voltage cables
  • Replace all worn wiring harnesses
  • Replace all worn connectors
  • Replace all defective switches, controls, and indicators
  • Add the latest available software revisions
STEP 4: Aesthetic Finishes
Not only is the equipment refurbished and re-assembled functionally, but also cosmetically reconditioned it to make it look like new.
  • Systems are professionally cleaned inside and out, sanded, and any imperfections are repaired
  • Complete disassembly, preparation and painting of all components to OEM or customer matched color
  • Replace all worn buttons and indicators
STEP 5: Calibration Process and Testing
The stage out procedure insures our clients that their newly acquired unit has been thoroughly tested under actual medical applications. Once the refurbishing is completed we performance all component’ test to OEM specifications.